Helia for manufacturing companies

Software for monitoring the manufacturing process.

Monitoring of manufacturing process is the part of management accounting based on unification of data, financial accounting, cost accounting, monitoring of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products per OTK (OTK - technical control mark), serial number (LOT) and expiry date. Various types of manufacturing processes have various production procedures which are parameterized in Helia software. Our concept is developed based on Bill of Materials and Exit of Materials from warehouse. Bill of Material means that raw materials are purchased based on manufacturing plan and output, defined norms and “replacement” norms, formation of semi-finished products or finished products which can be returned into manufacturing sometimes (staged semi-finished products). This is often the case with bakers (bread), dairy (critical deadline, which is why it is passed on to further processing of a new product), and so on. Exit of Materials from warehouse is the starting basis for raw materials such as purchase of raspberries, blackberries, purchase of livestock, where we get input raw materials from several various products and semi-finished products. Requisitions in Bill of Materials and Exit of Materials from warehouse are flexible and there are so-called “additional requisitions”. The reason is that, very frequently according to the norm, there is not sufficient quantity of some auxiliary raw material, material or packing material in order to close the manufacturing cycle within the set period. Manufacturing is launched in stages, and finished products are stored in the warehouse of finished products. Reports are formed in multi-layers with the creation of cost price 1, cost price 2 and cost price 3 (hereinafter referred to as CP1, CP2, CP3). CP1 means manufacturing costs of raw materials, auxiliary material, packaging materials and utilities. CP2 means CP1 plus labor costs. CP3 means CP2 plus part of management and labor which is “in a state of alert” (crop manufacturing) where manufacturing finishes in May for the current year. Unfinished manufacturing at the end of the business year is automatically classified. By execution of all accounting changes, balances are automatically created in the required format .DOCX, .XLSX, .PDF, .XML, .HTML.

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Monitoring the manufacturing process

Part of management accounting, which is based on the consolidation of data, financial bookkeeping, operating bookkeeping, monitoring of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products by OTK, LOT and expiry date.


Raw materials based on the plan and volume of manufacturing, defined norms and "substitute" norms, formation of semi-finished products.

Exit of Materials are the starting point for raw materials such as the purchase of raspberries, blackberries, the purchase of live livestock, where we obtain several different products and semi-products from the input raw materials.

Manufacturing reports

Monitoring of manufacturing with calculation of cost price.