Helia for Eparchy and Church Municipality

The company "Lav kompjuteri" doo Šabac has been engaged in software production for the economy and other activities for more than 30 years. Since 2010, software has been developed for the business operations of Eparchies, church regencies and church municipalities. The software is fully automated and connected in all segments, namely: main ledger, Serbian dinar and foreign currency cash register, inventory and material accounting, invoicing of services, leases, debts and discharges of CO (CO - church municipalities), monitoring of funds, as well as analytical monitoring of all types of transactions, expenses by places of origin and income. Basic funds are classified according to the analysis of each CO, monastery, and Eparchy as a whole. It is possible to monitor the realization of the treasury account and VAT refund. Reports were made on various grounds for internal needs and the needs of the Patriarchate. The final account, the closing sheet and the budget for the following year are automatically printed. All reports are in Cyrillic. All business changes are automatically archived in the database and linked to external security devices (portable hard disk). Bank statements are automatically loaded and posted to specific accounts, prescribed by law for other economic entities and church communities. More than 1000 application solutions have been created.

Cash Assets - Example of the Reports module

Church municipalities and monasteries can use special software designed for their business called Cash Assets or Cash Register.

Cash Assets - Receiving Donations

Cash Assets  or Cash Register Cash Assets or Cash Register is classified into types of donations and expenditures and its components Donations and Expenditures. The software is fully automated, for example: types of Expenditures is automatically account assigned to calculated unpaid tax, and when it is charged it goes to Paid tax. Reports were made for the books of: Parish, Voluntary contributions, Donations, Grants and Aid, Inventory, Wedding, Baptism, Death, and other necessary books. Closing sheet,, Balances and Budget are automatically created and printed (sub-synthetic and analytical).

Cash Assets - Expenditures

The total number Expenditures’ types is five: personal, material, construction and investments, issuance and unforeseen expenses, and the total number of Expenditures’ components is 41 (forty one).

Administrative Books

As a third special software the Administrative Books were created. It can be used as an electronic administrative protocol of the Eparchy, but also of other church units (church regencies, church municipalities, monasteries, church courts, etc.). The Administrative Books is set up as a multi-user system and according to the access password, the participants have adequate privileges. The Administrative Books itself and all the documents entered in it can be printed in paper form and stored in designated binders.

Connecting remote computers can be done via VPN connection and secure protocols. At the end of the year, the Eparchy can download all data from CO to its archive server. Also, if networking is done via a VPN connection, each church regencies can inspect the work of the church municipality from his area of supervision and immediately help solve potential problems.