Software for restaurants and catering

Specialized software for restaurants, catering and industrial food production

Cash register

Cash register - sales and printing of fiscal invoices are carried out here


Codebook - here we enter items, units of measure, commodity groups, VAT rates and business partners.




Restaurant documents

Restaurant documents - entering calculations of goods received, leveling for discounts, return receipts to suppliers and customers.

Kitchen documents

Kitchen documents - formation of the initial condition of the kitchen, product calculation, product price change, return of raw materials to the supplier.


In the reports, you can see stocks of trading goods and raw materials, RUC (price difference), market overview for a day or for a specific period.

The software monitors all activities in the manufacturing company per organization structure. Supplies are purchased by commercial department by implementation of applicative solutions for ordering and by automatic linking of supplier’s confirmation that the ordered quantities will be delivered in required quantities, at required price and within deadline. The warehouse takes over the goods, raw materials, auxiliary materials and additions by checking in the system that the ordered quantities are approved by the management. 

The hierarchy of competences and the flowchart of incoming-outgoing documents is defined by software via authorizations to access the system. Checking of inventory of goods, finished products, finances of certain retail outlet or restaurant can be also performed on the mobile unit (Android). Finished products have OTK (OTK - technical control mark), lot, shelf life and bar code. Conditions required by HACCP are complied with via traceability of documentation flow, the moment of launching the production and the moment of storing finished products.

The flow of manufacturing processes for semi-finished products, finished products and unfinished production is automatically monitored. Report on consumed supplies for certain manufacturing volume as compared with the standard volume is automated, and financial reports and evaluations as compared with the planned prices are automated as well. The software enables invoicing of MEALS, consisting of several dishes, where the system precisely removes from inventory every single ready-made meal. 

Automatism is established with inventory and material accounting, cost accounting and financial accounting. On-field distribution of finished products is organized similarly as the distribution solution for dairy plants products. Supply of ready-made meals for construction sites, home delivery or distribution centers is effective, and it is based on requisitions sent by electronic way. 

Based on requisitions, the system plans manufacturing output with necessary elements of raw materials to be launched. Installation of Helia software is fast, it lasts one day for servers and for higher number of users (over 10), but the setting of technological processes and introduction of system is a thorough process due to its complexity and it lasts up to 30 days and it is completed by 2 programmer consultants.

Software for restaurants, catering services, public kitchens, industrial food processing includes modules:

  1. Monitoring of purchase from suppliers and farmers with documentation processing (in terms of quantity and finance for every partner).
  2. Classification of raw materials in terms of their shelf life (OTK, lot, expiry date).
  3. Monitoring of manufacturing output (ratio of standardized and actual ones) and consumption with reports for the top management and inspection control.
  4. Reports per waiter, shift and for the period. Reports for drinks, ready-made meals, cocktails, buffet, expenses.
  5. Several price lists per type (general price list for guests, VIP price lists for regular customers, price list for employees, touristic price list, etc.).
  6. Automatically linked documentation for purchase of beverages, raw materials, ready-made meals, cash desk, DPU (DPU - daily turnover of caterers) with main ledger and cost accounting.
  7. Calculation of cost price (CP1, CP2, CP3).