Helia Education

Software for online classes with management for higher education institutions

Lav kompjuteri d.o.o. Šabac poseduje u svom vlasništvu razvijen softver za upravljanje poslovanjem visokoškolskih ustanova u svim segmentima.

Softver obuhvata dve celine u poslovanju koje su međusobno povezane i to:

  1. Accounting with personnel records and calculation of salaries
  2. Accredited studies which consist of several modules inter-connected via operations of students’ affairs department, operations of departments and the library with the college bookshop
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Module Code Book

Module is data base of employees, students, student centers (if there are several centers), as well as the states (if there are any foreign students). Data are comprehensive and they provide complete records up to the level of automatic printing of diplomas and diploma supplements in Serbian and in English language.

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Module Enrolment/Study Programs

module provides data about all accredited study programs and curriculums of study programs per years. Data about enrolment of students and enrolment deadlines, which are automatically connected with pre-fabricated statistical report on students’ enrollment (in Serbian: ŠV form) and templates of basic agreements stipulated by the higher school institution are entered and processed in this module.

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Modul Ispiti/Ocene

Ovaj modul prati celokupno školovanje studenta sa svim njegovim predispitnim obavezama. Kao nusprodukt formira se automatski elektronski indeks i kompletan dosije. Dostupni su svi neophodni podaci o njegovom školovanju (datum upisa, upis sledeće školske godine, polaganje ispita sa evidencijom izlazaka na svaki pojedinačni ispit kod kog profesora je polagao i kad).

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Module Exams/Grades

This module monitors complete education of a student with all his/her pre-exam obligations. As by-product, the automatic electronic student’s book and full dossier is formed. All necessary data about his/her education are available (enrolment date, enrolment of the following academic year, taking exams with the records about taking every single exam as well as the professor and the date of taking exam).

Module Statistics

The module processes statistical data necessary for control of complete operation necessary for the management, such as: Checking of current business operations and meeting of all conditions necessary for accreditation of the institution and accreditation of the study program. Statistics is in multi-layers and it is made in accordance with regulations of accreditation committee, but also in accordance with practical requirements, that our company has made for the needs of some higher education institutions. There is statistics about taking exams, number of students who took exam, percentage of success at exams and grades at the level of exam term, study program and professor.

Module College Book Shop

The module processes data about the condition of literature necessary for students and professors. Records are kept automatically, which includes who has the right to borrow literature. If a student has met financial liabilities, he/she gains right to literature (books, mimeographed lecture notes). Considering the fact that this application uses single code book, search of students and the literature they borrowed is considerably easier.

Module Library

Total number of books with all necessary searches for easier finding of requested literature is recorded via this module. The module provides records of borrowing and returning of books of students or employees, as well as the time of borrowing books.

All modules, depending on their function and intended purpose, are directly or indirectly connected with financial accounting. If it is defined in financial accounting that the student may not be late with two or three installments, the system will block certification of semester, taking an exam, borrowing of necessary literature or defense of diploma thesis to the student. Therefore, there is no temporary budget of the student in the financial accounting, but directly automatic booking of statements of accounts and classification per accounts.

Parameterization of all modules is flexible and adjustment is made by person in charge of higher school institution (the head of students’ affairs department, system administrator or the responsible person in charge of that based on job classification).

There is possibility of agreeing upon project documentation with source code and know-how.

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