Retail Software

Software for commercial service activities

Cash register

Cash register - sales and printing of fiscal invoices are carried out here, through the cash register you can check the overview of the balance and the periodic report.

Mini inventory - Codebook

Codebook - here we enter items, units of measure, commodity groups, VAT rates and business partners.

Mini inventory - Documents

Documents - this is where the initial state of the goods, creation of inventory lists, calculation of received goods, leveling for discounts, return receipt to supplier and customer, reverse and automatic KEPU book (book of records of turnover and services) are formed.

Mini inventory - Reports

In the reports you can see the inventory of items, RUC (price difference), market overview for the day or for a specific period.

Wholesale and retail trade software includes modules:

  1. Commercial operations (monitoring of sales after collection for sales reps).
  2. Monitoring of inventories at purchase prices, and sales per various price lists (depending on customer volume).
  3. Monitoring of inventories at minimum and maximum quantities at stock and turnover period. Monitoring of RUC (price difference) per items and groups of items.
  4. Monitoring of accounts receivable per age structure (several criteria).
  5. Processing of all types of incoming-outgoing documents, in Serbian dinar and in foreign currency, automatic linking with accounting and tax books.